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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review of Physician's Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

I have been in a mascara rut the past few months, so when I saw that Physicians Formula released this lash extensions kit I was so excited! 
There are 2 separate tubes in the kit, one that is the mascara, and one is the tube containing small little fibers on a wand. 

You apply the mascara in two steps, and it is as build able as you want it to be. I normally apply the 2 steps 2 different times. 

Here is a picture showing the difference of me wearing it on one eye, and nothing on the other!

Things I like about the mascara: 
1. Easy to apply 
2. Looks natural and not too clumpy
3. You can add as little or as much as you want

Things I didn't like about the mascara: 

1. The little fibers can be potentially really messy. When applying the fibers they fall out under your eye, so you have to make sure to do your eye makeup before your foundation routine, or take a big fluffy brush and just sweep it over the areas where there was fallout when you are finished. 
2. The staying power is just average. 
3. For people with sensitive or watery eyes, BEWARE. My eyes are not very sensitive and I have some problems sometimes with my eye watering mid day and it is all downhill from there. 

Overall I like the mascara. I am starting to mix the steps up by changing out the mascara I use with the fibers, and it seems to be working well! I think the mascara it comes with is just average, but the tube with the fibers is where the money is at! I would spend the money for the fibers alone. Overall, worth your $14!

Friday, March 6, 2015

February Beauty Favorites

February was a month full of favorites! Texas had terrible weather a majority of the month, so I pulled out a lot of my favorite "dry" skin weather essentials. 

Skin Care Favorites:
1. Ponds cold cleansing cream-this stuff has been my ride or die this year. I love to get all of my makeup off with this, and then leave it sitting on my face for a few minutes to let it do its magic. It leaves my skin feeling SUPER clean and moisturized, which is kinda hard to find in a moisturizer. If you are struggling with dry skin and looking for a new cleanser, I highly recommend this. 

2. Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask-I have been using this mask for 2 years now and have absolutely no complaints about it. On days where my skin is feeling dry and sensitive, I love to sleep in this mask. As I have said before, I suffer from sensitive skin that is prone to red splotchy breakouts. When I went to the Chantecaille counter the lady working there suffered from the same thing and said this product turned it all around. Read more about it HERE.

Makeup favorites:
1. The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter- I bought this a few months ago based on the stellar reviews on their website. I love to use this product on days where my skin is dull. I mix it in with my foundation, or I use it as a primer. It doesn't appear to shiny or sparkly, just perfect. I highly recommend this. Pick it up here
2. Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer-I picked this up in my local Ulta in December, after being recommended by one of the sales associates. She said that the manager suffered from dry skin and that this product made a serious difference. The first time I used it, I worried my skin was too sensitive for this product because it burned a bit, but I continued to use it and now my skin LOVES it. I really do notice a difference in my makeup on days when I forget to use this versus when I use it. When it comes to staying power I would say it does the job, but I wouldn't buy this if you are looking for a heavy duty makeup primer. I rely on this product to prime my face and hydrate my skin before putting on my foundation. Pick it up here!
3. Physicians Formula Eye Boost Instant Lash Extensions Kit-I will say I do have a few complaints about this mascara, but overall this month it has been a favorite. This mascara looks AMAZING on. I have a full review blog post coming this week on this. You can buy it online here.

4. Elf Essential Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer-this stuff is crazy good, and crazy cheap. I love that it has a bit of pigment to cover any veins or discoloration on your eyelid. This product is an absolute EVERYDAY essential for my routine. LOVE IT. Link to buy.
5. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Brûlée- I bought this when I heard Tati from Glamlifeguru talk about how much she loved this product. For 99 cents I couldn't resist. This shadow provides such a great base color for your eye shadow look. I wear it everyday, even if I am doing a no makeup look. Link.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites! 

Hannah Belle

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Elise Rose (check out her blog here) to share 7 facts about me!

I think this is such a fun way for the blogging community to get to know each other more. We get so carried away with our love for makeup and beauty products, that we sometimes forget about the people involved in this wonderful community! So here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I am finishing up my last semester of college, and am currently waiting to hear back from 8 different graduate schools.

2. I grew up riding horses and when I was 8 years old I started showing them competitively all around the U.S.

3. I have seen Coldplay in concert 3 times, and each time I see them I still get CHILLS.

4. I met the love of my life freshman year of college. Three years together and we are still going strong!

5. I have never ridden a real roller coaster. The thought of them gives me tiny panic attacks. 

6. I LOVE lamps. This sounds weird...but my friends always make fun of me for it. I have at least 2 lamps in every main room in my apartment. I rarely ever turn on the overhead lights!

7. I live in Texas. The longer I live here, the more I fall in love with the state and the people here. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me!

Hannah Belle

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Essentials + Mini Review of The Body Shop's Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleaning Mask

The weekend is my favorite time to just wind down and relax. During the week my schedule gets so busy that my skin gets neglected. Every Saturday I minimally try to do these 2 steps, and I find they do wonders for my skin! First things first, I stumble out of bed to make my coffee...a total necessity for my mornings.

Next, I wash off my face and put a mask on. I have been LOVING this mask because it is deep cleansing AND it exfoliates! Essentially it is the best of both worlds. I apply it to my face when it is damp, and then slowly work the product into my skin (like you would with an exfoliator).  After I am done doing that I let it dry to a mask for about 20 minutes. It claims to, "Cleanse, exfoliate and purify, with community trade blue corn powder. For normal/oily skin."It also says that you can use it 2-3 times a week, but I have been trying it more often than that because I love the results it gives.
I have extremely sensitive skin, and this has not caused me irritation! I have weird combo skin that can tend to get dry patches, and this has not accentuated any of my dry areas which is GREAT. I picked this up online at the body shop when they were doing a half off sale, and I would highly recommend this! If you are still weary of the product, and read some of the reviews! That is what drew me to this product was the reviews! 
Here is the link to the mask:

And last but certainly not least is my frank body scrub! This scrub requires a bit more time because it is recommended as a dry scrub. You essentially need to strip down and get in your shower and use this, and then sit there for a few minutes. The first time I used this I made the mistake of being ADD and getting out to grab my phone and the scrub got EVERYWHERE and stained my shower curtain :( All that to say, I love the product, but it requires you to have some time on your hands!

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chit Chat: Natural Lip Products

Let's talk lip products...

So over the past few months I have been thinking a lot about lip products...weird right? I got to thinking one day about all of the products I use on my lips daily, and how so many of them are FULL of stuff that could potentially be harmful for me. If you think about it, we basically eat the stuff we are putting on our lips when it comes down to it. 

A few weeks ago a family friend of mine who is EIGHTEEN got diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. When I heard the news a million things ran through my mind. She is a beauty guru much like I am, and always has her hair dyed the cutest color, and her makeup is always done perfectly. I stopped for once and thought about these chemicals we are putting on our bodies. As healthy as a try to be, I am not at the point where I am willing to give up my numerous eyeshadow pallets and foundations (yet). One things I am willing to give up is my lip products. I went through my beauty station and threw away the  lip products that weren't natural (I am still freaking out a little). As a reward I went to Sephora and picked up some Bite Beauty lip products. So far I am really happy with the lipstick and lipgloss. I picked up the Lipstick in "fig" and the lipgloss in "honey". 

I encourage you to consider the products you are putting on your lips. I know I may be a little paranoid, but it doesn't hurt to try and be more conscious of what we are putting in our body :) 

In the picture below I am wearing Bite Beauty's lipgloss in "honey". I want to know what YOUR favorite Bite Beauty colors are! Also, if you know of any other companies who make natural lip products, please let me know! I would love to try it. 

Have a blessed day!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon Review

Burt's Bees Lip Crayons Review!
I have been wanting to try this for while, and I finally caved in and picked my 2 favorite colors out to give them a try.  Let me just say...THESE ARE AMAZING. The staying power is great and they apply smoothly and have semi matte look to them, without over drying your lips. One of the reasons I am most excited about these is because they are 100% natural. I have always used Burt's Bees lip balm and have known the line of products is natural, but never gave much thought to it. After looking into some of the ingredients in my current lipsticks I was taken back at the fact that these chemicals are going on our lips...which essentially ends up in our body. I am going to try and slowly switch my everyday lipsticks to either Burt's Bees or Bite Beauty, because I am starting to realize the importance of natural lip products. 
Here are the swatches: 
On the bottom: Sedona Sands
Top: Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest on my lips:
I have to say the Redwood Forest was my FAVORITE. I have been trying to branch out and wear darker colors on my lips for the fall/winter. This color gives the most elegant shade of red that isn't too intense. Definitely a new found favorite of mine. Below is a better swatch of Redwood Forest on my hand. 

Sedona Sands on my lips:

Overall I liked this color, but my only complaint was that it isn't very pigmented. My lips are naturally pretty pigmented, so this shade was one of those "my lips but better" colors. 

I would highly recommend these lip crayons! I purchased mine at Ulta but you can find them at most drugstores. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to clean your makeup brushes + my version of a brush cleaning glove!

How to clean your makeup brushes:

    I will have to admit, I don't look forward to cleaning them weekly...but we have to! The thing I hate the most about cleaning them is how gross it dry it make my hands feel. Once I get through cleaning all of them I feel like my hands are dried little raisins! 
   When Sigma released there cleaning glove I REALLY wanted it to solve my problem...but the problem was it was $40 dollars for a GLOVE! I knew there was something else that would be a cheaper solution. Now, you may laugh at me when I tell you the solution..but you will thank me later! So, I went into my kitchen and rummaged around and found an oven mitt that was basically the same thing, so I gave it a try. Let me just say that my brushes have NEVER been cleaner, and even better my hands don't get dried up!

1. The first thing I do is collect all the brushes that I am going to wash and set the by the sink to be ready to wash.

2. Next I get baby shampoo, a rubber oven glove, and paper towels. 
3. Start the water and get the temperature to medium (not too hot)
4. Now put your glove on and put about a pea size amount of soap on the glove (depending on how big the brush is you are cleaning)
5. Quickly run the brush you are washing under the running water and proceed to rubbing in a circular motion on the glove. 
6. After the excess soap is out gently squeeze the brush in between the thumb and pointer finger to get some water off of the brush. 
7. When the process is finished grab your paper towels and gently rub the brush in circular motions to get some water off and then reshape the brush.
8. Store the brush on its side (if you store the wet brush upright it could cause damage to the brush by having it dry into the root of the brush.