Thursday, March 6, 2014

L'ORÉAL Miracle Blur Review!

L'ORÉAL Miracle blur!
I decided to purchase this after I heard many people really liked it for the price! I have mixed feelings about it, but overall it's worth the money! They have an oil-free kind but I didn't get it because my skin is dry. 

What I like about it: I LOVE the texture of it. It is super silky and soft, and feels great on your face. I like that it is has SPF 30 in it. It also seems to keep my makeup looking smooth all day. 

Things I wasn't crazy about-I didn't really see the "Blur" affect. It did lay smooth on my face and made it soft, but it says it "Erases the look of wrinkles, Lines, & pores". I couldn't really tell a difference with my pores. My other problem with it was the dry patches on my face every now and then, it seemed to cake up weird and not be smooth over those areas. So on the days your face is dry, I don't recommend using this. 

If you have oily skin I think this product would be amazing! Especially in the Oil-Free formula. You can find this at any drug store pretty much! I got mine for around $20. 

I'm definitely going to keep shopping around for primers, If you have any recommendations for a primer that is my dry skin friendly, let me know!

Here is where you can find it online:

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